Token Info

BNB Shout Tokenomics

Token Name BNB Shout
Total Supply 1'000'000'000'000'000
Type of Token BEP-20
Contract Address 0x39f8d8e08cbaa2e40b54527c10c993f7e79f2b4f
Transaction Tax 10%
5% Burned on every transaction
5% Redistribuited to holders

Road Map

BNB Shout next steps

May 2021 - Jun 2021

First Steps

Blockchain token development
Social Network development
Social Network marketing

Jun 2021 - Jul 2021

Pre-Sale opening

Pre-sale campaign
Pre-sale airdrops
Strengteen social marketing

Jul 2021 - Aug 2021

Pre-sale closing

Closing pre-sale campaign
Burning remaining tokens
Locking liquidity pools

Aug 2021 - Sep 2021

App development

BNB Shout app development
Partnerships establishing
Internet marketing campains

Sep 2021 - Oct 2021

App delivery

Delivering app 30 days free
Continuos app beta testing
Direct social marketing

Oct 2021 - up to moonlanding

EcoSystem Working

App fully working
CMC Listing
Other exchanges listing

Some FAQs

Frequency Asked Questions

What is BNB Shout.

BNB Shout is the First newborn Binance Smart Chain Coins annuncement portal.
With our application all tokens creators will have the possibility of announce theyr coins with all launching or pre-sale detailes.

Why we did it

Simply because nobody did till now.
There's actually a huge need of a reference place for all the newborn BEP-20 Coins, but nothing really dedicated exists.

Why and how the BNB Shout coin will make me earn

It's simple, because it's a real project based on an actual need.
After the app beta-testing period, our coin will become a utility token, thanks to wich our advs can be bought.
That means that every time a customer will buy our service the coin will increase its own value.
Moreover, the tax system will burn 5% for every transaction and will distrubute the same amount to holders.
So, the best way to earn is to buy coins, hold till the app release and than we will meet soon on the moon!

What about pre-sale?

Both during pre-sale and after you can buy BNB Shout coin on PancakeSwap Platform.
The only difference will be that during the pre-sale, liquidity won't be locked and if you want to buy big amounts of coins (min 0.5, max 1 BNB) you also can contact us on telegram channel for private sale.
The pre-sale will end in 30 days from opening or reaching the 600 BNB hardcap.
After pre-sale period the liquidity pool will be locked and the unsold coins will be burned.

How can I buy BNB Shout coins?

You can buy BNB Shout coins from PancakeSwap, insert our contract address 0x39f8d8e08cbaa2e40b54527c10c993f7e79f2b4f and set slippage at 12%.
Buy BNB Shout Coins Now!

What is the Contract address?

BNB Shout Smart Contract has been deployed and verified on Binance Small Chain.
You can find the contract address here 0x39f8d8e08cbaa2e40b54527c10c993f7e79f2b4f

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